What is the Gatherers 4 Christ?

The Gatherers 4 Christ is a fictional series I began in the summer of 2006.  It is about characters who come face to face with the hard reality of prophecy.  For many of them, they discover that what the Bible has prophesied about the Last Days has come true and they begin to seek Christ.  As they come to Him, they begin a quest to gather as many people they can for Christ because they know their time is short.  But there are other people who have no desire to seek after Christ.  They have other plans and darker agenda’s.  Many of them will see the Gatherers as a threat and will do what they must to stop them.

The Gatherers are up against incredible odds.  The Church has been removed from the earth.  The Tribulation has begun.  And as the Bible clearly says,

For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.                       – Matthew 24:21

The world that we live in is heading for that time.  The purpose for writing the Gatherers 4 Christ, the Series, is to get the message out that while the characters are fictional, the times they are living in are a window of the future.  These things will come to pass.  For those who do not receive Christ, they will face these times.  They are not like anything that has been experienced yet.  Nor ever will experience again.

I love the Lord and my family.  I believe that He wants me to write so I hope and pray that what you find here in my blog is just that.  I am writing from my heart.  I am writing what I believe in.  I hope you like it and perhaps find answers for yourself.  However, have a Bible handy so that you can look into the Scriptures yourself.

In His Time, Gatherer4


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