Prayer 1

This Saturday morning at our Men’s Meet in Pine Knolls, we never got around to the topic of discussion because the Lord moved us to prayer.  That gave me an idea.  Each week, Lord willing, I would like to post prayer requests right here at Gatherers 4 Christ.  I won’t only list them out, but I will write it out as a prayer so that you can lift it to God as you read.  I will try to keep it like that each week, and maybe it will be like a journal as well.  Maybe with time, we’ll see how God answers each prayer.  So let’s get to it and may it help us face each week with boldness for the Lord.

Father, I thank You for this opportunity to share prayer requests for other believers.  I pray that You will use this as a tool for us to draw closer to one another and to You.  This morning showed me that even though we as men lead different lives, we all share one thing in common.  We’re not perfect.  We haven’t arrived.  We’re not infallible.  Lord, we stumble.  We fall.  We face many difficulties each day that could hinder our walk with You.  Father, thank You for the men from Pine Knolls Mens Ministry.  I lift them up to You, asking You to help them keep You fresh in their minds.  Help them to stay in Your word.  Help them to speak to You daily.  Strengthen them in their walk with You so that when they stumble, when they fall, they can get right back up.

Father, I lift my brother Ray up to You and ask You to lay Your hands on him.  Help him through this time that has unexpectedly invaded his life.  May You lead the doctors he comes into contact with wisdom and lead them to Your perfect will.  I thank You for Ray.  He has been a blessing to me.  I see Your guiding hand in his life and pray for Your healing so that he can continue with the work You have given him to do.

Father, I ask You to help Seth, Todd, and Richard.  They have shared their struggles from their hearts and I lift them up to You knowing that You are our Helper, our Rock, our Shelter, our Fortress.  We lift our eyes to the hills from where our help comes from because we know that You are the one who created those hills.  We look to You.  We praise You.  We honor You.  Father, thank You.  Thank You that we can come to You at any time.  You’re not a phone call away.  We don’t have to email you.  We can just stop what we’re doing and pray to You.  On our knees.  In our cars as we drive.  As we work.  As we shop.  As we play.  We are so grateful that You are there and You hear us.  Bless us throughout the week with Your presence.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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