24 Meets Left Behind

In writing a story, I enjoy trying to develop the characters as much as I can as I go along.  Anyone who has watched 24 and really got into that show could see how deep the characters were.  They were driven, and in Jack Bauers case, extremely driven.  The people of CTU dealt with threats of terrorism and dangers unknown by the American people.  Every episode was intense.  There was action and suspense right up to the very last second.

Left Behind has its own type of intensity.  It wasn’t as action-packed as 24, but it certainly holds its own with plenty of suspense.  It was a character-driven series.  And it was backed up with Scripture.  A fictional series based on the End Times.  People can get into these stories and enjoy them, but if they are paying attention, they can get a very profound message.

The Lord is coming back.  When?  We don’t know…

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.                               – Matthew 24:36

The Bible tells us how it’s all going to end.  He will come back for His Bride.  There will be a period of the darkest days on this earth that never has been nor ever will be again.  He will set up His kingdom.  The enemies of God will be destroyed.  The people of God will forever more live and praise God for all eternity.  I know this is a rabbit trail, but I was listening to a song by the Gaither Gospel Quartet and it was a song about singing with the angel choir.  I may not be able to belt out a great song here on this earth, but I will sing it out with the heavenly choir, and man, do I look forward to that!

Not to lose track here, back to 24.  No matter what episode you watched, I always thought of how very close things seemed to be happening in the real world as related to 24.  Threats of terrorism.  Reaching the orange colored threat level.  The attack of 9 – 11.  The oil crisis.  Threats aimed at both America and Israel almost daily in the news.  24 was fictional, but it was thought provoking.  There was a time when we sat down to watch a television program that would not make us think about the real world.  You can’t get away from it now.  People today has to know that something is going on.  There has got to be some truth in what Christians say about the return of Christ.

The Gatherers 4 Christ is my “24 Meets Left Behind” approach to fiction.  I have 11 episodes written, but I may have lost them online.  I had a site, but circumstances at the time caused me to cancel it.  Then, I had another blog, but my gmail account was hijacked and I had to cancel that email account.  Doing that put an end to that blog.  So I am looking at what I wrote and I hope to post them here, bringing them back to the internet.  I should have a good opportunity to add to them and also make some changes.  The premise of the series is simple…The Rapture and terrorist attacks bring a number of people together on a quest for the truth.  There is a large ensemble of characters, each unique and facing their own personal crisis’.  There is a terrorist who becomes a Christ-Follower.  There is a Jewish Medical Doctor who for the first time comes face to face with an enemy who hates her because she is a Jew.  There is an ATD agent who takes many risks with his own life and is constantly fighting with the ghosts of his past.  (No, not ghosts as in ‘boo’.  I mean it as a metaphor.)

I hope you join me for this adventure.  I think it’s going to be fun.  I hope it will be fast-paced, action filled, and thought provoking.  When I post a chapter, you will see a photo of an actor or actress (or some other photo), and usually when you see that, it only means I post the photo’s of celebrities to depict one of the characters in the story.  I like to visualize who I am reading about.

I also hope to add Bible Studies, too, but haven’t got any yet.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  In the meantime, please be patient with me.  I’ll try to post as steady as I can.  Work and family still need me so as time permits, I’ll post.  Until then, God bless you.



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